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Hi. rar. My names Yvonne.. uh., YEAH! I live in Iowa. I'm bored. hah. I;m on the phone right now..hehe <3; Yeeeeh. But I LOVE music.. it's like my life.. :)

Music I listen to: a covenant of thorns., apoptygma berzerk., assemblage 23., coal chamber., cold., crossbreed., deadstar assembly., deadsy., gackt., garbage., halo in reverse., jack off jill., kidneythieves., kittie., lacuna coil., lollipoplustkill., marilyn manson., mindless self indulgence., nine inch nails., ohgr., orgy., otep., pierrot., placebo., rasputina., scarling., static-x., t.a.t.u., tapping the vein., velvet acid christ., wumpscut... and more.

I'm a sucker for cats. I love them <3 I have a calico kitten named Talena. I <333 mountain dew, and chicken tenders from Burger King. I like to sit on yahoo on my webcam and make strange faces. I like comments. I'm random. I hate alot of people. I have a jealousy disorder. I'm depressed/bipolar. :D I'm short (5'3); but I don't look that short. >.> some people think the doctors lie to me about my height. ahaaha. ;o I have blonde hair.. naturally.. I dyed it black but now its back to blonde >.>; I have bright green/blue eyes... o.o; I'm 117lbs.. I like teh phone, it;s my friend. Some people say I have a good sense of humor. I don't take compliments very well.. yeaaah.. and I know how some people LOVE to get comments.. *coughmecough*.... well I'm a comment whore. I love to comment and love to GET comments. ;O wooohoooo... >.> Eye boogies are fun.. RAHRHAA. Eat chapstick. You are a zoomtard fagtron, baybee <33;

I'm bisexual, but I'm currently with the love of my life. Dantai, go add him too! Please :) He just got a livejournal and needs some good ole livejournal friends! JRAHRAHRAHAHAHA. yes. - http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=emptiedhate

Contact Info:
YAHOO: grrl_withagun
AIM: cure my rage
MSN: intussusception@hotmail.com

My journal is friends only click here to add me. Then go here and comment.

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