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I'm Yvonne. Im 15.Nice to meet you, OMG. Hehe. I ♥ music. Don't you? I do. MMMM.. It makes me hott in my pants. YES IT DOES OMFG. Want to know what music I listen to? Of course you do, fagtron. WELL! I listen to- a covenant of thorns., apoptygma berzerk., assemblage 23., coal chamber., coheed & cambria., cold., crossbreed., deadstar assembly., deadsy., gackt., garbage., halo in reverse., insane clown posse., jack off jill., jay gordon., kidneythieves., kittie., lacuna coil., lollipop lust kill., marilyn manson., mindless self indulgence., my chemical romance., my ruin., nine inch nails., ohgr., orgy., otep., pierrot., placebo., queen adreena., rasputina., scarling., static-x., t.a.t.u., tapping the vein., thursday., trapt., velvet acid christ., wumpscut.. &more.

I'm so hardcore. YEAH WHUTEVAR. So. I'm beautiful. I'm from Iowa. Where are you from? OMG REALLY? Haha.. that's sad. I hope you can move soon from that place. :\ Nah I'm just JOSHIN ya. HAHA. NO. erm. I'm random. I like comments. OMG. HOW 'BOUT I TELL YOU WHAT I LOOK LIKE, EVEN THOUGH THERES PICTURES RITE THURR AT THE TOP? AIGHT!

KAY. SO. I have red hurr.. It's short, kthx. I have LARGE green eyes. I'm 5'3" (awfuckyou); and I weigh 118lbs. I'm fat. wtf? No. I have to eat pudding for breakfast, well I don't, but I choose to =D isn't that cool? I'm a trendy fuck. I have a rainbow bracelet. That = gay pride. Cause I'm 50% gay, do you know what that means? No? Oh. That means I'm bisexual. But I don't do it to be trendy, like alot of other people do. Thats stupid, isn't it? Yeah. Heh! Some people are just plain stupid, like Jesus. I'm Agnostic. Yeah. Do you hate me now? That's okay, join the fanclub! ♥ ♥

BUT! I will now tell you what foods I like because, I WANT TO. I like. pizza. chicken noodle soup+ tomato soup. trix+ oreo o's cereal. oh, and I like coca puffs cereal too =D - and I like.. chicken tenders from BURGER KING. french fries from MC DONALDS. Oh, I like mountain dew, even though that's not a food, it's a beverage, it's my life support actually. I like pancakes too. I like... sour gummi worms. They're.. sour. =) And I like cookies n cream ice cream. OMFG. *SNORT* I like other food too. like. BEEF JERKY. Only peppered though. <3; and more food that I don't want to say because I want to move on to.. MY BOYFRIEND. OMG.

My boyfriend.. my god. He's the most perfect person in this whole UNIVERSE. I love him so FUCKING much. He's my world, my life. I don't know what I could do without him. If I didn't have him, I wouldn't care how I did in school, or I wouldn't care about my health.. well.. I just wouldn't care about MYSELF. Which could lead to bad things. But I have him, so I don't have to worry about that, do I? Of course not! <33; His name is Dantai. Hehe.. It's pronounced DAN-TYE. Just kidding :P *kisses Dantai* It's ACTUALLY pronounced DON-TAY. =) He has a livejournal too.. It's.. EMPTIEDHATE. So go add him =) PLEASE. ^_^; And.. my kitty Talena.. she's a calico- she's my baby. I love her. Hehe. I have a fish too, it's name is BALLS. Lovely, eh? I also have a little black boy kitten named Panter, and a minature pinchser named Fudge. :]THOUGHT SO. Okay. WOOOOOOOOOOO. *SCREAM*.. I didn't really scream. FOOLED YOU DIDN'T I? HAHAHAHA. KAY. Add me, will you?

Want to contact me in some other way than LIVEJOURNAL? Okay.

YAHOO: grrl_withagun
AIM: A pHiLoSoMaTiKa
MSN: yrsocrazy@hotmail.com

Okay ^_^ I believe I am done.. BUT. One more thing. My journal is friends only click here to add me. Then go here and comment.


[♥; Yvonne]

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