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what colour crayon are YOU mister?

hello! *waves*
my name is Lydia and i need more el-jay friends.
i'm 13, probably the youngest person EVAR. *feels small*
right, basics.
age: 13 [doy just said that]
gender: femme
hair: brown, was pink it will be soon
eyes: blue/green
skin: pale, freckly
muzik[hah im cool]: brand new, finch, distillers, kinks, nofx, strokes hives... check userinfo
likes: pie, niceness, drawing, purple, green, art, photography, clothes design...yeah!
dislikes: judgementalness, cheating, dishonesty, you know not-nice stuff
i'm not bothered what music you like,
as long as you're nice/interesting i will love you.
add me pleeeeeeease cause im a l-o-n-e-r.
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